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    I recently received a new Visor Deluxe as a waranty return for my old VDX with a cracked housing. I use Easysync 3.0a to sync my Lotus Notes Calendar with my VDX.

    To make the switch to the new VDX easier, I downloaded Backup Buddy. It appeared to backup everything without any trouble. Problem is, when I restored the data to my new VDX, my calendar was blank.

    When I synced with my PC, the calendar remained blank, even if I selected Desktop overwrites handheld.

    I removed Easysync, removed Palm Desktop, removed Backup Buddy several times, doing the removals in different orders.

    What I finally discovered is my calendar would sync to the new VDX as long as I had not restored it with Backup Buddy. I finally got it working properly but removing Easysync, Backup Buddy, Palm Desktop and deleting all the files they left behind. Then I installed Palm Desktop and Backup Buddy, backed up the old VDX, restored to the new VDX, installed Easysync and synced with my Notes calendar again.

    From all of my tests, it appears Backup Buddy and Easysync are incompatible if the restore is to a different VDX than the backup came from.

    I now have a Backup Springboard module on order and have removed Backup Buddy permanently from my system.

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    I did some more testing last night. Even with a backup module, Easysync will not sync the calendar to a new Visor. The only way to get Easysync to sync with a different visor is to remove Easysync, delete the \palm\user directory, reinstall Easysync and sync the Visor.

    I still believe a Backup module is the easiest way to restore to a new Visor when using Easysync.

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    Take a look at this thread to find out more about the "evils" of using Lotus' Easysync:

    -- Michael

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