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    A few months ago, sprint made it impossible to use one's preferred e-mail address as a return address to mail sent from Since i always want people responding to my main server (where mail is sometimes forwarded to my treo), this is a problem for me - when people reply to mail sent from my phone that's where i go - and i may never see it. Is there a way around this?

    to put the question simply: Can i effectively use a return address that is NOT but on e-mails sent from my treo?
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    Yes, it's definitely possible to do this, it usually depends on what application you are using to fetch your mail. What you are asking about is a Reply-To Address. I can't speak for versamail, but in Snapper mail, there's an Reply to Address field which you can set. You can find it in the Accounts --> Edit Accounts area. Just click on the email account in question and click on Edit. The reply to field is at the bottom.

    For the most part, the Reply-To setting is set in the account properties for most email clients (Palm and PC based ones). You should see some similar setting on your email email application.

    Hope that helps

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    i'll try it with versamail but about 6 months ago it stopped working on my 600 and a tier two guy at Sprint told me they had changed the way the servers worked so you couldn't do it (I'd been having problems). But half they time they don't know what they're talking about anyway - so i'll just set it and see.
    it seems every e-mail question i post has essentially the same answer: switch to snappermail! mb
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    Sprint was wrong. I have the exact scenario you describe set up with my main e-mail account, Sprint e-mail, and VersaMail. My main account auto-forwards to my PCS account, which goes to my phone. And I have the reply-to address in VersaMail set to my main account, so when someone replies to a message I sent from my phone, their reply goes to my main account.

    HOWEVER, I just discovered a nasty little bug. I received an e-mail from Person A on my phone and forwarded it to Persons B, C, and D. Somehow, Person A's address got plugged into the reply-to address, so when Person B replied all tot he forward, Person A got it too!

    This was a big problem. Person A's message was a request to join my soccer team. My forward and Person B's response were a frank discussion of Person A's skills and weaknesses; the discussion was not meant for Person A to see. I can only imagine the ramifications if this were a business deal instead of just a rec soccer team!

    I'm not sure yet whether this was the fault of VersaMail or Sprint's server, but I strongly suspect VersaMail.

    EDIT: It was VersaMail's fault. This is a "known issue," and palmOne talks about it here.
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    I have a similar setup where my work email is sometimes forwarded to my account so that I can read it on my Treo. And I have my Versamail Reply To preference set to list my original work address. This works fine for an original email that I send from my Treo, but the Reply To information doesn't get seem to get sent if I forward or reply to an existing message. I don't think this started happening until I updated to v3.1B.

    Anyone else have this problem?

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