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    Anybody have a Sena Coupon Code they want to pass along?
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    Got my Sena Magnet Flipper last night and it's great. It protects the screen/keys nicely while in my pocket and elsewhere and improves grip nicely which were the features I was looking for. It fits fine in non-skin-tight pockets too.

    Also, the flip wrapped around to the back of the phone much easier than I'd expected. The reviewer was either overly harsh or didn't try it more than once because I've only had mine ~12 hours and wrapped it behind 3 or 4 times and it's already starting to break in nicely. There is no problem at all with the magnets lining up after doing this either.

    The only suggestion I have for improvement at this time is that I wish the magnet was up on top of the IR window/SD slot instead of around the back of the case. It would slim down the profile even more. I realize they'd have to be careful about the snap construction to make sure that closing the case doesn't put enough pressure on the card to try to eject it, but I'm sure that can be done easily enough and being immediately beside the antenna, height isn't an issue.

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    Edit: I meant I wish the snap was on top, not the magnets. Sorry. I'm on Treo now and don't see a link to edit post. Mods feel free to make that change and delete this post if appropriate.

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    Ordered my Sena Flip Case (Black/Blue combo) today! Woo! I'm excited! Going to try it out and see if I like it, and if not, Vaja here I come

    If anyone is looking for a Sena Coupon Code, PM me!
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    I would love a coupon code if someone can share one. Please PM me
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    Anyone have a customer support # for Sena????

    The Delivery Confirmation shows my package arrived, but I have received nothing!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by OpenIntro
    Anyone have a customer support # for Sena????

    The Delivery Confirmation shows my package arrived, but I have received nothing!!!!!
    I used this email address when they shipped the wrong case: .

    "Frank" responded and took care of correcting their mistake with no hassles.

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    Thanks....I have emailed that address as well. Still no response.

    They really should have a customer service line to call.
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    Here is a number someone gave me in an earlier thread about the cases: 714-241-8004-- but this went directly into voicemail.

    It took a while but they did respond to the email. I found they were very accomodating once they did respond.

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    I didn't read further up the thread to see which # you've been trying, but this number took me firectly to someone at Sena who took my order.



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    Thanks for the responses! The number (866) 271-SENA (which is the one mentioned above) is their customer service line....

    Frank (from Sena) called me earlier this evening and I explained the situation about the lost package. He asked me to fill out a "lost mail" form at the post office and said he would get a new case in the mail to me immediately! Absolutely the correct and perfect customer service answer in a situation like this!

    A few hours later as I was eating dinner, a knock at my door. A neighbor came by with a package! Seems the package was delivered to the wrong mailbox and the neighbor had been out of town for the past few days! Hooray! The Sena Case is here!

    So I emailed Frank and thanked them for the great customer service, and let them know I would brag about it on here! NICE WORK SENA!

    As for the case (Sena Magnet Flipper in Black/Blue Colorway), it is fantastic! The box it came in was great! The pouch within the box that held the case is great! The look of the case definitely adds some spice to the phone. And I love the fact that it is thin yet still protects the screen well, which was my main concern!

    I am also ordering the Vaja T66 flip case in order to compare which I like better! Time will tell!
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