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    Quote Originally Posted by treocast
    That's why I'm not upgrading from the 600 to the 650. Sprint is to start rolling out EVDO in my area (Houston) 3rd quarter and their EVDO Treo is to be release in the 4th quarter.
    Where is the information on the EVDO Treo to be released in the 4th quarter?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cglaguna
    If they roll EVDO towers as fast as they roll out coverage towers you could wait til the Treo 1000 is released before it makes a difference.
    That's the very reason I'm now with Cingular. Our "new" neighborhood we moved to in August is seven years old. It's a "high" income neighborhood, and I'll bet it has less than a dozen Sprint customers because its a "known" coverage hole. So bad, that they let me cancel all four lines of service with no penalty.

    It has also raised another quandry for me: I loved the Treo 650 convergence, but since Cingular is still on hold, I've resorted to a Motorola v551 and Dell Axim x50v (got a great Christmas deal 20% off) AND REAL BLUETOOTH AND EDGE. Nowhere near as nice as quick dialing from my Treo 650, but surfing the web on the VGA screen is a scream; email's pretty good; and EDGE truly is faster than PCS Vision. And then when I'm at Barnes & Noble, teh WiFi really kicks @$$.

    And above all, my voice quality on the MOTO is far better than my Treo 650 (not a single dropped call or "are you still there" question in a busy week of use). Isn't that what it's all about?

    I know, I know. I've been one of the most vocal evagelists for convergence, but this mishap has really reminded me (wake up call) that I like being on the bleeding edge of features, and that big, bright VGA screen on the Axim is a kick (plus CF, SDIO, etc.). I may just stay sidelined for a while and wait for the Treo 700.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyH
    I was asking if the T650 is EV-DO enabled, not whether Sprint plans to implement EV-DO in general
    Exactly, me too. But the link you provided is talking about EV-DO and EV-DV in general, not the 650. What am I missing here...??
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    Quote Originally Posted by xchpstang
    You may want to check your sources. UMTS is already here in the states in a few select cities such as S.F. and Phoenix, but 14.4 MBps, don't think so. I would say similar speeds to EV-DO (consistent 300-500K, bursts over 2 MBps).
    I know it's current speed, but I'm referring to HSDPA, which Cingular is trialing (somewhere, I don't know exactly where) and have pretty much met the 14.4 mpbs speed.

    And I thought EV-DO wasn't simultaneous Data and Voice? (hence the name EVoulution Data Only vs EVDV = EVolution Data and Voice)
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    Quote Originally Posted by djfusion
    <snip>I'm referring to HSDPA, which Cingular is trialing (somewhere, I don't know exactly where) and have pretty much met the 14.4 mpbs speed.
    I'd like to see some documentation backing up that statement.

    I thought so too on the whole EV-DO thing.
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