Just got my new Treo and it's AWESOME. I must say I never had a PDA before and now that I have a cell/PDA in one it is truely amazing what you can do and how in touch you can be with one of these things.

Now here's a list of cool things I can say my Treo does:

1. Use wireless syncing via bluetooth.
2. Use wireless BT DUN, no more wires for internet on my laptop!
3. Bluetooth wireless headsets!!!
4. It's a remote control using novii's remote software

We all know with cool things come bad times... Yes I can say all of the above but for 1-3 we know bluetooth is buggy. And as far as 4 goes, I haven't tried it exactly but people say the IR transmitter is low power so you have to be right next to the TV to use it.

So summing this point-less post up, why is it that we always have to say "That's a cool feature but I wish that it worked better"!?!