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    What's the best headset you guys have come across for use with a Treo 650 - when using it for listening to music (Pocket Tunes) and for phone calls ofcourse?

    Someone mentioned Seido and that it that it also allowed you to automatically dim down the music when you took the call - and then resume it afterwards. Which headset have the best combination of sound and features?
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    I'm searching for a good hybrid headset as well. It seems that most users don't like the seidio, but I have yet to find an alternative.

    Here's an earlier discussion:
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    I like the seidio, works fine for me. the voice quality for calls is a significant improvement over using the built in speaker.

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    Thanks, I will order the Seidio 2-1 as it seems to be the closest thing out there to what I want.
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    I just got the official PalmOne stereo headset from ebay. From my few minutes of messing around so far it seems to work ok.

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    I have the official one as well and find it quite nice. Typically Seido stuff is satisfactory, but not as high quality as the factory Palm stuff. For example, I have the Siedo car charger for my 650, but wouldn't use the headset from them...

    Like I said, the stock Palm Hybrid Headset works well...Good Luck
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    Seidio offers very good quality of 2 in1 headsets for Treo 650. Hybrid conception has its limitaion on the sound quality due to the requirements for music and voice are quite different. Seidio 2 in 1 headset offers the best combination of voice and music for your Treo 650.

    If sound quality is your priority, then select Seidio 2 in 1 headset with 3.5 mm adaptor. It allows you to use any headphone with 3.5 mm jack. we also have ear buds, over the ear and backphone types to match your life styles. All of them comes with in-line volume control and the retractable function which Plamone unit does not offer.

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    I really like my Seidio 2in1 - it changed the way I use my phone and music. Previously, I would sometimes carry along my MP3 player, but now, since I have my phone with me all the time, and can use ONE headset to use for both phone and music - that basically means I have my music with me all the time.
    Seidio 2in1
    1Gb card
    an awesome group of tools.

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