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    I've been waiting and wanting someone to start a ESSENTIAL SOFTWARE thread... but why wait?

    Q: What could you just not do without? Apps? Games? Utilities? Communication? Etc!

    I'll start it all off...

    #1 most used program: AvantGo software.
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    So far, my votes are (in no particular order):

    1) BigClock - Shockingly, the Palm OS doesn't contain an alarm clock! Go figure...

    2) AvantGo

    3) HandyShop - Nice to have all my lists in one place. Instead of using Post-Its!

    4) Hackmaster

    5) BeamBox - An essential tool needed to fix the way that Lotus EasySync messes up your Visor's HotSync capability.

    6) Galax - A great game for those occasionally boring meetings. Just make sure to turn the sound off!

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    In the 4+ months I have had my Visor I have found a lot of applications that are cool and a lot that are fun, but as time has gone by there are only a handful that I continue to use on a daily basis:

    1) Launcher III. Makes it really easy to organize and delete applications, and also provides easy access to battery voltage level and available memory.

    2) BlueMoon. Great program for keeping track of things that occur on an irregular basis, like auto maintenance.

    3) HandyShopper. I find I make a lot less emergency shopping trips now that I can quickly jot things down in HandyShopper when I notice I am about out of something or think of something I need to buy. When I'm at a store I can check to see what other things are on my list that are available at that store.

    4) ISilo. Maybe not absolutely essential, but it's nice to be able to convert HTML documents for my Visor with links preserved, like documentation for some of my Palm OS apps. You can even have links between different documents.

    5) Hackmaster. MiddleCapsHack and MenuHack, in particular, are two that I would hate to be without. NoClick and NoStreakHack are less essential, but definitely enhance my Visor experience.

    Some utility for setting the backup bits of applications and databases should be found on every Visor, IMHO, but there are several that do this and I won't get in a lengthy discussion about backup utilities in this thread.

    Like I said, there are many others that are fun or helpful from time to time, but these are the ones I consider most essential.
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