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    I installed Avantgo and it worked fine from the Treo's own memory.
    I then copied the AGConnect and Avantgo programs to my memory card.
    AGConnect runs fine from it - but when trying to run Avantgo it fails.

    Does anyone know if it's possible to run and sync avantgo on the memory card only?
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    Ok, the pretty chick thing aint workin anymore, do a search for "avantgo card"
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    You're better off keepping both programs on internal and saving data to the card (which can be 2-4MB)
    You can do a wireless sync and have the data go to your Card with the latest version. Go under options prefs-> Server and set to go to the card.

    Unfortunately the latest version broke hot syncing to the card. It forgets the prefs and saves to internal memory.
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    Thanks Scott - I'll check it out tonight.
    I so wish there were more than 32Meg of internal memory....sigh.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joebar99
    Ok, the pretty chick thing aint workin anymore, do a search for "avantgo card"
    The pretty chick thing ain't workin for you either, loose the sexy cig (not sig).

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    Guess ya missed the other thread where Tiff asked a RTFM type question and didn't get the typical "do a search a-hole" that an ugly guy like me would get
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    well then, i'll just use a picture of a chick in a thong for my AV, maybe that's the way to get answers here. . .

    {= )

    Blademonkey <-- not a chick
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    Hello all,

    Avantgo works great with SD cards. A little bit slower than the RAM card, but still..

    Follow this and you'll be all set:


    You can specify that your AvantGo channels be downloaded onto a memory card by first deleting your current channel lineup from your Palm device's main memory, then specifying the card for storage. Follow this procedure:

    To sync AvantGo content onto a memory card:

    1. On your Palm device, run AvantGo by clicking the AvantGo icon.
    2. Tap the blue menu title at the top left of the screen.

      The Channels menu opens.
    3. Select the Channel Manager menu item by tapping its name.

      The Channel Manager opens.
    4. At the bottom of your channel list, tap the Select All button. Then tap the Clear button.

      Your channels are cleared from your Palm's main memory.
    5. Exit AvantGo, then run AvantGo Connect by clicking its icon
    6. Tap the Settings button, then activate the Use Card check box.
    7. Select Card from the drop down list and tap OK.

      The next time you sync, your channels will be saved to the card's memory. (You might notice that syncing is slightly slower when the card is used to store channels.)

      Note: The AvantGo and AvantGo Connect must remain in your Palm's main memory. They cannot be installed on a memory card.
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    I have been using "Avantage" for a few years . Toysoft used to make it but they discontinued it. You install the program and it sends all the files to an SD card .

    Dont know why they discontinued it.

    Here is a review of the program from PDA Avenue.
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    I found this non english web site with a copy of the file ( Probally not a full copy)

    Also below is the page to purchase it on Toysofts web site ,if you try to buy it , it tells you its not avaliable.

    PDASoft is still selling version 1.7 i think
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    Unfortunately even with the 'instructions' to do this with AvantGo the latest version does NOT download to SD card.

    Works for wireless sync though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scotttreo
    Unfortunately even with the 'instructions' to do this with AvantGo the latest version does NOT download to SD card.

    Works for wireless sync though.
    For me it has always worked !

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    For me, too. I am using the latest version (downloaded it yesterday) and it works perfect. I just followed the instructions above.
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    I still can't get the card to show up when trying to select it. I've emailed Avantgo about 2 weeks ago, and have yet to hear a response...
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    For those that can get this to work:
    Which version # of AvantGo are you using and is this with a PC or Mac?
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    For those that are syncing to the card: are you sure that it is doing that?
    I had tried this with the box checked, and yes, the files showed up on the card. But if you look at the size of the files on the card and on the handheld, you see that the data is still living on the Treo.

    I just recently gave up and moved the whole app to the card, and sync wirelessly.
    Yes, it's an extra step in the morning, but it's worth it to reclaim the storage.
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    Turns out latest version to download is 5.7 build 35
    Unfortunately the .sit version is named 5.7 build 26. Oddly this itself contains a stuffit file which is 5.5 build 110 (Like a zip of a zip from last year) It would be great if they could get competent people.
    5.7 build 35 still has a bug (at least for Mac users) and refuses to download data to the SD card. Check SD card before hotsync. Hotsync. Now check prefs. SD card is now uncheck and if you check it your channel data has disappeared. Do this in AG Connect or AvantGo, no difference.
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    I've been runninig Avantgo on my SD card since I was using a Tungsten T. You have to leave AG Connect on the Palm internal memory and go to preferences and check use sd card for the content. It works fine, just a little slow to load, but it worsk fine nevertheless.
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    I have been syncing to the card for the past week (with great success) but I am going back to RAM do to SLOW syncing speed and the inability to play mp3s and read Avantgo at the same time (I used to do that a lot during my commute, but now it's soooooooooo slow to load a page that you better forget about it).

    I'll have everything Avantgo on the RAM and try move some other biggie applications that I don't use that often (dictionary, mapopolis maps) to the card.
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    I sync my avantgo wirelessly/pc to SD. It seems to accummulate memory and every once in awhile you need to clear your docs from sd.
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