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    Funny, I'm using Avantgo on a Treo 600 with 128MB SD card (version 5.7 build 35) and there is no SD card checkbox. In fact, there is no indication on any menu that the program can recognize an SD card!

    Oooops... My bad.

    If your device does not recognize your SD, be sure to remove and insert the SD card. The menu options will appear!

    "I see dead pixels..."
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    Same problem here. I am running Avantgo (ver 5.7 build 35) from the main memory and am unable to store my channels on the SD card. The "Use card" checkbox is there in "AGConnect" and it is checked, but it does not let me select any card. Therefore, all the channels are still stored in main memory.
    Has anyone figured this out?

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    I have the exact same problem as Tigger.

    I can check the checkbox that says "use card", but there is no card to select from.
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    Make sure your card has a name or it will not show up in the list. Any name will do.
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    How do you give your card a name...?
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    Yup. All you have to do is rename the SD card and it works. Go to Card Info in System, hit the menu button, and rename the card. AGConnect will then see the card.
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    thanks, I just followed the instructions selecting card from ag connect and freed up over 2 megs on my 650.
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    I've tried all the above to no still dumps the Avantgo data in Treo 650 memory. Proper settings are checked in Avantgo connect. Card is named, I can see it in AG connect. Card has more than 200 mg free space. Just cleared everything again and am wirelessly syncing (which works fine, just doesn't put it on the CARD!).Still nothing on the card...(is it possible that the files are on the card, but no showing up when I look at via the Treo Apps menu?)
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    After many frustrating nights working on Avantgo, the best solution appears to be to use the download that is available for wireless devices only. This gives you three files to load, avantgo, libmal, and AG Connect. Load them onto the Treo 650...not the card, and then specify that the memory card (must be named, as above) is to be used for the data files. After syncing avantgo, I then used Power Run to move Avantgo to the SD card, leaving libmal and AG Connect on the Treo 650. This works pretty well, but occasionally the Treo 650 will reset itself after Avantgo syncs. But, heck, the Treo 650 resets itself a good deal of the time probably won't even notice!...Sam
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