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    I have just loaded Pocket Tunes on my 650 and when I try to synch up the OGG files I have transferred to the Quick Install Manager they don't transfer. Each files shows an error saying there is no associated application for it.

    Any ideas?

    My MP3 files transferred fine first try. Just not the OGG files.

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    Did you install the pTunesOgg.prc plugin that comes with pTunes?
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    No, did not see it anywhere as an option. I will chack for it.

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    It and the pTunesWAV.prc plugin are in the "plugins" folder that comes with pTunes.
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    I would never sync mp3's I didn't think it worked anyways. Lot's of files that can be used by various software on the pda are not recognized as "palm" file types by the sync software and get rejected. So I don't even bother using hotsync or install for anything but the standard installation/syncing of prc's and pdb's.

    I use the sd slot in my laptop or a jump-drive or other card reader. they're cheap.
    It's very convenient so if you have a laptop but not a built-in card reader, see if you have a spare pcmcia slot and get an adapter that you can just leave in the slot all the time. For desktops there are lot's of usb readers, some of which install in a drive bay to make nice slots right in the front face of your pc and no cables hanging out.
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    There is a program called card_dirs. It lets you select What file extensions you want sync where. Hum, confusing sentence. It is free.

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