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    My CDROM is broken and won't read the install disk that came with my 650. Aaargh! What's worse is that palmone hasn't gotten around to posting the download for the 650 on their's available for the 600 only.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to get my hands on this software? FTP?? Email??

    Much appreciated...H
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    Do a search on this site. I know its available from P1 developers site, and perhaps another link. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    thanks. still searching though.

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    you can get it form under support -> Treo 650

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    Quote Originally Posted by horsmanp
    you can get it form under support -> Treo 650
    thanks horsmanp. i've been all over palmone for 2 days trying to find the download for the 650. not sure it exists. if you go to the palmone/support area, it only provides you with choices up to the 600 to 'get palm desktop software'. when i put in my serial #, it doesn't recognize...i'll keep trying...if you have a more specific location on the site, i'd appreciate it...
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    I guess your right, this is what I found:

    I guess call palm and likely have to pay for a new CD, or maybe they have a link that isnt public...

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    get this from the Palm web site. Anyone know of another way to get the HotSync software or where I can download hotsync software

    The Palm Desktop download version you are seeking is either unavailable for download or does not exist. Please read the notes below for an explanation for your handheld or smartphone.

    Please use the CD version of Palm Desktop which came with your device. Do not install other versions of Palm Desktop, as they do not include the components for synchronizing the unique features of your handheld or smartphone
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    Who's your carrier? I could put up a little share when my sprint cd arrives with my new 650. It's going to be slow though since I'm sitting on a cable modem not a t1

    Not sure if carrier matters, but why risk it?
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    Does anyone here know how to do a freeking search? Obviously not, so here is a link from one of the many posts on this subject.
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