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    My first 180 was dead right out of the box (1/3 of the keyboard didn't work). The replacement unit worked fine and I've had it for about 10 months.

    Last week, after I had shut the phone off, I noticed the power button rapidly flashing red, and the low battery light was on (and the phone was off).

    When I plugged it back into the charger at work the next morning, I noticed that the green "charging" light no longer comes on...and I can't get it to power up anymore. I've tried both the USB and the stand alone luck. If I knew where my car charger is, I'd try that (but if both the USB and charger didn't work...)

    Is it dead? Is it fixable or should I recycle it?

    Thanks for your advice.
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    Your connector in the end could be loose. This is a known problem on the 180/270/300. This problem caused my treo to not sync up with a cord. I would try calling your carrier and se if they will replace it.
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