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    Time to purchase case for my shortly to arrive 600
    Have narrowed my search and believe the Piel Frama flip case best suits what I want BUT ...

    there are several postings noting potential &/or actual wear between the metal 'nub' and the plastic clip itself

    Is this a real issue ? Has it been resolved in current version ?

    As I write this I'm thinking ... if the clip is THE issue, I would assume such is quickly fixed by purchasing replacement clip(s) as the need arises. Am I on track ?

    Oh yeah ... one little thing - recommended place to buy. As much as I love TreoCentral, I have a hard time justifying a price of $ 69.95 for the same case that sells at Pocket PC For You at $ 44.99 - what am I missing in this equation ?

    What makes the Vaja worth the significant (to me) premium price over the Piel ?

    Yeah I know the case of choice thing is a well worn subject, but I'd welcome feedback
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    Was hoping someone would offer their comments / advice ????
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    I am not sure when they started doing this, but the Peil Frama case that I have has a plastic nub. It is a metal screw with molded plastic for the nub part. I had a problem, where my phone got caught on the couch while I was getting up, and the clip broke apart. I just went out and bought a new clip, it fits perfectly and appears more durable. They are pretty cheap anyway.
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    mmmm_beer, my clip broke when I got it caught on a chair. Piel frama allows you to replace the belt clip, I think it was $7.00. It also shipped quickly. Also, the nub that is screwed onto the back of the case is really metal, but coated with a paint that makes it look like it's plastic

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