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    Quote Originally Posted by bigboy650
    You know the crazy thing about this? The other night, someone asked what the definition of the word "nary" was. I went to the site, typed in dictionary, and it pulled it right up! What a cool feeling.

    On a side note, thanks for everyone's help submitting sites. Together I think that we can organize all of the mobile sites! We're up to 367 already. Keep those submissions coming!
    I would second the request to "post an alphabetical listing of sites that are currently accepted on your site so people are not constantly inputting dupes for inclusion." I have a ton of sites that I would like to submit (that are not found on and don't want to submit redundant sites (a small link to this on your mainpage would be helpful).
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    Thanks for the feedback. I've also thought of including a Portal version for those who prefer to "surf". So, endless scrolling is bad, huh ?

    Thanks for everyone's help. By the way, we're up over 600 sites.

    I need to do some reorganizing to eliminate any duplicates, but if anyone finds any, please let me know. Also, if anyone has any ideas, comments, or whatever, please don't hesitate.

    Also, as far as the name goes (some of you have asked), I know it's not exactly "WAP" but it sure is easy to type on a mobile phone, which was more important I thought.
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    <center>Ultimate portal
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