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    There is not enough Backup Software available for PCs. However, the ones that perform OK are too expensive, at least for a College student like me. Backup Buddy unregistered version can be used for 30 days after that you have to pay $30. Pilot Backup unregistered version can only backup 5 applications and if you want to backup more than 5 you'll have to pay $30. I really think this is too much since it is not our fault that Hotsync only backup a few applications. We should get this application for free as an update of the Hotsync.


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    There was a thread dealing w/ cheap backup solutions a couple of weeks ago.
    Check it out:

    My trial period for BackupBuddy ran out a week ago; I am still trying to find a cheaper/free backup solution, as I am also a college student with not too much money. However, I did not have enough time to try the solution mentioned in the thread above.
    If you have found a good solution, your comments/recommendations would be appreciated...

    Have fun,

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    There's BackupAll. It doesn't let you pick and choose what to back up, but it's free and it does get everything. (and it handles incremental backups)
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    Incremental backups? What's that?

    I will put in a good word for BackupAll. It's free, so I guess it's infinately better than the other two since a PPR of 0:anthing would be kinda weird

    It's not quite as good as Backupbuddy, in that you have to either backup everything or nothing, but for free it is by far the best one out there. I found it just makes syncing take a little while due to syncing everything in avantgo, but that's ok for $0
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    Another vote for BackupAll. It saved me on more than a few times.

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