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    i just had a soft reset

    went from sprint's biz connect - out to the home page (all your apps) - selected Versamail

    bang! i'm looking at Palm, with the black line progressing left to right


    remembered the discussion here - checked the ##377# code - it said HOTSYNC did it

    ! a crash occured on 1/14/05 at 18:38 while running "HotSync":


    well - that's wrong cuz it wasn't hotsync just now - it was either leaving the main page or entering Versamail - and today is 22jan05 - not the 14th

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    That just means that the error was not reported for your current crash. That is the error from the last crash that was reported.
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    doesn't help much then, does it
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    When a VersaMail support file gets corrupted, it will often give an error that quotes HotSync with the wrong date and time. The bottom of the error usually reads something like "VFSDBCache.c; Line:4417, cached uniqueIDSeed not same as file value"

    When this happens, it is very easy to fix. It happened to me once, I did the fix described in this thread and it hasn't happened again.
  5. #5 answered my question...fixed my one at sprint could get this done!

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