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    I just bought and received my F650 case after reading the review here. Overall the case is very nice and I htinkt he review was very accurate with one exception. The "strap" that runs between the the bottom of the display and the 5 way nav button reduces access to themenu and apps buttons as well as the "up" control on the cursor button.

    It looks like the Treo should sit a fraction of an inch lower down in the case and then there would be perfect access to these controls, which I use often.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue or perhaps did I get a case that was slightly off when it was made?
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    Although the "strap" does ride a tinsy bit low on mine as well, I don't find it interfers with my use of the buttons -- though I tend to use the back of my thumbnail to click up on the 5 way. Glad you thought the review accurate.

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    I agree SCB. The strap also gets in my way. This is a major annoyance due to the fact that it is the only flaw I found this case to have. But being that I use those buttons so frequently, it really is disappointing, and aggravating. But I don't agree the review was accurate, because aside from the issue with the strip, this is the best case out. I dropped my treo while in the case, and no part of my treo was even nicked thanks to this case. The card holder, and SD card slot are positioned perfectly where they don't touch the screen. This case is awesome. I believed they were off a little in the design room with the measurements on the strip, but hey, noones perfect.
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    Neo, did you read the same review I wrote? The one that begins "This is a great case—a form-fitting holder that allows easy access to all features of the Treo 650 with a simple flip of the cover. Used to carry the Treo in a pocket or bag, this may be the best case I’ve tried so far."

    I think the reason the editors assigned it a lower score overall is because of the issue with the clip breaking on me. And it is my bad that I didn't mention the strap riding a bit low. Anyhow, glad you got the case,as you point it may be the best case least for our use. It's the one I'm using now...until I have to review something new. Stay tuned.
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    Sorry mausalot, didn't mean to rag on your review, just the overall rating. Apparently there are other cases with a lot less functionality, that received higher ratings, and I couldn't understand why. But as the saying goes; "to each his own". Thanx maus.
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    Question for all who have this case - how many cards/bills can you put in the pocket on this case? I'm looking for a great case/wallet and this is one of the "finalists." also, would it be possible to attach a money clip inside the case (by sliding one end into the pocket, perhaps) without scratching the screen or touching the keyboard?

    Also, does it add to the overall width of the treo? I use a holder in the car that grips the treo on the sides and it barely fits right now.

    Thanks in advance,
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    My review, here lets you know that you might get one buiness card in there if you're lucky. It might be possible to stretch out the leather but I don't think a money clip will work correctly. The case itself does not add too much to the Treo on the sides, but if it's already a tight fit, it would be hard to tell without trying.

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    I love the case and your review is right on. My clip also broke. Is there a way to buy or find replacements?

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    Alas, or perhaps fortunately, I have nothing to do with the retail end of things here at TreoCentral (hence my ability to review as accurately as I can). Assuming you bought the item from TreoCentral, you should drop their customer service a line. I have probably been testing over a dozen cases since the F650 -- and it is still one I like a lot. Although the review isn't posted yet, the P6 pouch case is worth considering.
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    Thanks Mausalot. I wrote an email to treocentral and never heard back.

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    Mausalot, would you provide a link to the one you refer to as "P6 Pouch".
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    Quote Originally Posted by slorandy
    Mausalot, would you provide a link to the one you refer to as "P6 Pouch".

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