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    Here's the situation. A friend of mine is a computer consultant who was asked by a client to investigate if either the Treo or Blackberry can provide them with a particular functionality.

    What they would like is to have a common calendar that would automatically update if one person makes or changes an appointment.

    So, is the ability to have a common calendar which is continuously updated (wirelessly) something the Treo (or Blackberry) can do?

    I assume with the Treo, it would require a third party application.

    Also, is this ability also dependent on the particular cellular provider (Sprint vs Cingular).

    Thanks for your assistance!
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    If the comany who is looking for the solution is using Microsoft Exchange, the Treo 650 should be able to handheld the calendar functions of Exchange because of the new ActiveSync technology that is now included with the Treo 650. You can learn more about the Treo 650's ActiveSync features here.

    Alan G
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    A common calendar as in everyone sees everyone elses calendar and that calendar is updated wirelessy, continually? ActiveSync is not actually push, but more of a "scheduled pull".
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    Wouldn't Sprint Business Connection on a Treo allow you to achieve "push" with an Exchange calendar? And you can get Exchange accounts at mail2web if you don't already have a corporate solution.

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    I believe application can do that with Treo, Pocket PC and other devices.
    They are coming out with a work group server which is super inexpensive, has great security and will allow groups to use their PDA for a joint calendar. It also does e-mail, contacts and give you access to your desktop including network folders.

    It is 100% independent on your phone carrier. I heard they just joined forces with Bell Mobility. I have T-Mobil and it works great.
    Your friend should check them out-he/she may want to e-mail them becasue work group is in the works. Maybe you can beta them for free! It is worth asking.

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