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    Has anyone done this? I have a 640 x 272 two part XviD movie I would like to try to join using virtualdub and recompress to fit on a 1GB SD card. I don't see any info on recompressing using the search here so I thought I'd ask. Thanks.
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    I took a divx compressed video file and recompressed and reduced the size to 320x172 just fine. I wouldn't think xvid would be any different...
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    Cool. Did you follow the quick 'n dirty guide on here for the most part as well or perhaps some other hints?
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    I'm actually a bit familar with video compression and editing, so when it came time for the treo, it was only a matter of finding the best fit (quality v file size).

    Note, mmplayer can play your 640x272 just fine without any recompressing or size reducing - it auto resizes to fit its screen - though it's not recommended as the treo may start to say it's just too much data per second if the file's bitrate is set to high for the little guy
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    I'm not sure about how to join to vids, but using pocketdivx encoder to resize movies to 320x240 is very simple indeed...
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