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    I am using beta 19 of Chatteremail on my T650 and it works great most of the time. As long as I only try to sync 7 folders from Fastmail, everything works perfectly. But the minute I add an 8th folder to sync, it stops working correctly. The inbox usually stops syncing until I delete one of the other folders and then it starts working again.

    Weird... but that is the only "connection" that I am able to see. Am I missing something as usual?

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    You should probably post this on the ChatterEmail forum, but... There is a limit of 8 online folders at any one time (7 in some circumstances) What you should do is to only keep as online those folders that directly receive mail, and if you've got more than 7 of them, pick the most important ones. Others can be synced on a schedule or manually.


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