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    Anyone know of any goal setting software for the visor? I am looking for something that will handle long, mid, and short term goals.

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    I just purchased (after downloading last night and dabbling with) a product called List Maker. Incredible app. It allows the creation of (and perhaps more importantly the import of) lists of all kinds. While it may not be a true goal setting program, if you already have goal lists set up (as I do in Word) then creating a hierarchical list from your Word file is pretty much a snap. Check out a downloadable version at:

    I went to CompUSA and bought the 5 package bundle (called PDActivate) - for 35.00 as opposed to buying it off the net for 39.00.

    List maker alone I believe is 18.00, give or take. The other 4 apps make the 35 bucks money well spent.
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    Arranger is another program that sounds like it would meet your needs. I've played with it in the past, but as I learn how much I can do with the Visor I'm giving it another try. It's $19 and the latest version sounds like it adds some useful features.

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    Try TreeDA. It is a Desktop Accessory for the palm OS. Check out the DA line. They have a popup caluclator and everything else for nadda.
    (tree is a bear bones outine program that works with your memo pad. Greatlittle didy for the price)
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    There is a nice article on this topic at

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