i'm seeing the screen dim phenomenon too

but - when i first saw it, i thought it was something that i simply hadn't noticed before due to my inexperience w/ the phone

this is what i noticed - when you go to hang up in its semi-dimmed state, it allows you to

you don't have to "wake up" the screen w/ your first touch and then re-tap the "hang up" icon to hang up the call

(yes, i've been using the red "hang up" button as well - haven't had it long enough to develop habits and muscle memory yet! )

now, i kind of like the semi-dim feature (if it is a feature after all) - since the batts are being preserved *and* the screen is still active

that's a fine compromise in my book

the only thing more i would ask for - i'd like control over it

- how long before dim mode kicks in
- how long before it goes all the way to full dim (and non-responsive to touch - must "wake up")
- etc