i have an update for those who might be in my position. i just spoke to cingular. i asked if i would be able to port my at&t number over to cingular for free (because i want to get a treo and don't want to have to get a new phone #). they said that i could do it for $18. he said that at&t will not be making any new phones and that all at&t customers would eventually have their accounts migrated over to cingular. he said that there would be zero down time on my phone number. my at&t phone would stop working only after i activated the cingular phone. you can do the transfer over the phone, at a cingular store or online from the at&t website. the thing that sucks is that my at&t simm will not work in a cingular device so i will have to manually enter all my contact again. also, cingular has the roll over minutes which is nice. so what i plan to do is migrate over to cingular and get a free phone, get a cheap plan and medi works, and sign a new contract with cingular. then when the treo comes out, i'll just pop that simm in to the treo.