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    I use wireless sync for my email without any troubles. I use Compuserve IMAP protocol. VZ will no longer transfer any mail to my treo because my inbox is "full" (4,600 emails!). My actual Compuserve account has only 50 emails. When I delete them from Compuserve and hotsync, they are not deleted from the treo and remain at verizon. How do I fix this without having to delete on both compuserve and my treo?? VZ tech support was worthless on this one. Suggestions?
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    I called VZ tech support three times unsuccessfully. Surely someone else must have this problem? My VZ account says I have 4398 emails.....but my compuserve only has 50. VZ says I must delete all manually.....and then everyday delete both compuserve and vz twice for each email....that does not make sense.Help!
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