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    After installing ZLauncher 5.041102 I noticed the strangest thing. If I use the 5 way d-pad to launch an application, it treats it like a double click. So when I click on Butler, it instantly closes it. Or when I click on the camera it instantly takes a picture. Those things would happen if you click on the d-pad once to open and then again right away. If I tap on the screen in ZLauncher instead of using the d-pad it doesn't happen. I know it's not the d-pad itself because if I exit ZLauncher and open the applications from the Palm launcher it doesn't happen. Is anyone else having this problem.
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    This is fixed in the latest version 5.103
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    Do you know if ZZtechs charge for upgrades?
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    no charge within versions

    4.x to 5.x charge ($7 I think)
    5.04 to 5.x no charge
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    Cool, thanks.
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    my pleasure

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