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    Does anyone know of a crossword puzzle program -- like something in Avantgo? It would be great to get a new puzzle every day when I sync. . . .
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    Try Crossword Book 1.2 (at
    It includes a utility to download new crossword puzzles from the times (UK) website. The description says something about incompatibility w/ the Visor, but that was regarding the older version. You might try it anyway (but backup first, just in case...)
    Here's the link:

    Have fun!

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    Crossword Book does look pretty good. I have exchanged e-mail with the author regarding problems that I had. It is NOT currently compatible with the Visor -- it crashes the Visor.

    XWord is not bad. There no daily download though. It can be found on
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    Using Puz2Pil.exe from Penguin Software (makers of xword) You can convert the daily puzzle from

    Crossword Express Professional
    <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank>USA Today[url]
    ]New York Times - Across Lite</A>
    London Times

    Use ISilo or another web grabbing/syncing program you can get the daily puzzle and easily convert it with puz2pil.exe There are mac and PC versions.


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    I tried Crossword Book -- and it did crash my Visor. That's when I posted this thread!

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