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    It seems like turning on the radio and immediately trying to sign on to vision can be a challenge for the 650. The vision sign on screen will hang and try forever to connect.

    When waiting a few seconds before trying to sign on to vision after turning on the radio, usually solves the problem.

    Is it possible to use a delay for data service activation?

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    pkjv - There is already a delay in there. Anybody else having this problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    pkjv - There is already a delay in there. Anybody else having this problem?


    Would it be possible to make this delay a variable in the user settings, in case other users experience the same problem. I don't encounter this problem every time, but it happens to me quite often just after I landed, but still on a plane (signal is usually weak).
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    pkjv - I'll look at that...

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    I only have this problem with Chatter. I have a Sprint-provisioned Treo 650 and my standard setting is to turn on data when I turn on the phone. Using this method, I don't have any problems. However, when I'm on the subway or for any other reason have no service and Chatter tries to connect, the next time I am in an area with service, the Treo hangs trying to connect to Vision. The only way to make it work is to cancel the connection, turn off the RF and turn it back on. This is a tremendous annoyance for those of us who frequently go in and out of service because of location. It is now the primary reason I continue to test Chatter but always end up going back to Snappermail. Mark, any chance you can figure out what is causing this? It's a double problem for me because I also rely on Seven's e-mail service for my corporate e-mail, so once the phone can no longer connect to Vision, I don't realize that I'm no longer receiving my corporate e-mail, either.
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    curtis - I'm not sure I understand the issue. First, are you using the latest version(s)?

    I am in a poor signal area at home, and I frequently lose network coverage. But I don't ever see the situation you're describing. Chatter doesn't try to connect when there's no service, btw, so I'm a little confused.

    Perhaps an annotated log, so I see your description next to the actual events as logged?

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    I'm just starting up with Chatter again (currently using the version you posted last night) after a 2-month hiatus. Would you remind me how to do the logging? I will then send you one the next time this happens (which should be today).

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    *** How to make a Chatter Email log...

    * Go to Console (in the Pref menu) and type "log" at the Command prompt (never use quotes
    in the console. Depending on the problem, I may ask that you use the "log verbose" command,
    which provides me with additional information.

    * Use Chatter to demonstrate the problem you wish to log. If it's a connection problem, try
    using "Reset Connections" to force all connections to be remade.

    * Use the "note" command in Console to annotate the log (e.g. "note i'm sending mail now").

    * Close the log by repeating the first step.

    To send the log (v1.0b14.11 and later), either...

    1) HotSync your Treo and then Email me the ChatterLog.pdb file from your PC. It is located in a folder

    named "backup".


    2) Go to Console and use the "bug" command to have Chatter Email a bug report with the log attached.

    Obviously, #2 is only reasonable if the bug isn't preventing Email sending (via SMTP) from working


    While logging, you may notice that the colon in the time is replaced by an exclamation mark. This
    lets you know that logging is on.

    To clear out an existing log...

    * Go to Console and type "clearlog" at the Command prompt.

    Note: While logging is on, the : character in the clock is changed to an ! This is NOT a bug.

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