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    I've no benchmark data to prove it but it appears to me that my datebook app is running slower than usual...or does it also take you 5-6 seconds between the time you tell datebook to move an event from one day to another for the app to make it happen? Seems slow.

    I've tried disabling all hackmaster hacks, no change.

    The size of the database is only 157kb.

    This happens both in datebook and datebook+.

    I tried purging everything older than one week, no change.

    Has anyone else felt their datebook app was running slower? The other built-in apps are as zippy as ever.

    This is on a Visor Deluxe.

    I do run EasySync to sync my data with my Lotus Notes client....if that's a factor.

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    Try a soft reset before anything else.
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    yep, many soft resets also....

    however, yesterday I switched from using easysync to pylon 2.6 and the speed has improved somewhat.

    I am beginning to think it's a function of the amount of data being stored.

    Also cleared out a lot of repeating appointments and made them anniversaries instead within Lotus Notes, then used pylon to hotsync the data over after I wiped it from the pda side first.

    it'll do for now until someone comes up with another idea

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