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    I know there was a lot of problems when it was first released, but since it's been a couple of months I was wondering if anyone had any additional experience with VersaMail on the Treo 600?

    Mainly, I'd like to know if it experiences the same "attachments never get deleted" problem that plagues the 600's default mail app.

    I'm getting sick and tired and deleting my Mail account every few months only to find it taking up 8+ megs of RAM and having to put my account settings back into it.
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    I finally got my money back from Palm one, for the versamail program. it does not work as advertised for the treo 600. It took me many hours of arguing with sales, tech support
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    I have been using VersaMail for a while now and it works great. But I had to jump through alot of hoops. I had a copy of VersaMail 2.5, which worked but did not have 5-way navigation. I bought 2.7 from Palm and upgraded 5-way support was good but the Auto Get and Notification features worked erratically at best. I then copied all the 2.5 files except for the main .prc back onto my Treo and now it works great. As far as the attachments I haven't had any trouble with it letting go after I delete the files and empty the Trash.
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    I used 2.5 without flaws as with many other people in my office. However as the other user mentioned....5 way nav is spotty. I have since switched to Snapper and I doubt I will ever go back.
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    Snapper would be prefered if it could be synced with outlook. Since it can't I've been using VersaMail 2.7. The 5 way doesn't work on all items so that's a little annoying but I've had no problems with deleting attachments.
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    With Versamail 2.7 & Treo 600, does anyone know if there's a way to have it stop polling all of the mail in the inbox. I have it set to look for only the last 1 day and yet it still says looking through 762 messages. Is this just something that it's doing, because it has to scan the mailbox first and then goes through the parameters for the date?

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