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    Hi! I just got my Visor so I've been playing with it excitedly trying all the new apps and stuff.

    I did notice mild streaks on calendar grid in datebook, etc. I later tried Silver Screen launcher which I thought was pretty but requires contrast to be at maximum which unfortunately causes streaking.

    So, I tried NoStreakHack.. didn't do a thing.. then I tried PalmOS 3.1.1 ram update.. also didn't seem to do a thing either.

    I received a backup module today.. and I went to view the about box of it, and it started streaking and blurring like mad. So I uninstalled NoStreakHack and it was fine after that.

    In conclusion from my limited experience, I can't see any benefits to running either NoStreakHack or PalmOS 3.1.1 update, which is a shame because I'd like to try SilverScreen, but not with contrast at max.

    Anyone have thoughts to share?

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    I'm experiencing similar things. My NoStreakHack doesn't seem to do anything, so I've had it off for a long time. Then when I tried Silver Screen, which required me to turn up the contrast to the max, I tried turning on the hack, and like before, it did nothing.

    It's shame thought, because I kinda like Silver Screen.
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    NoStreakHack works fine with SilverScreen for me. I set the screen refresh value to 2, and check "Enable in greyscale mode." I don't have to crank up the contrast to see SilverScreen.
    I would say that NoStreakHack IS worth using.
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    I don't use the NoStreakHack and I don't have my contrast up all the way and I see Silverscreen fine??? My contrast is set to about 2/3rds. I wonder if there is a discrepency in darkness of screens between visors?? I had to turn my contrast up from just below half to 2/3 when i installed Silverscreen..but not more than that.
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    I can see Silerscreen ok, but the lighter shades are difficult to see. Things like the light horizontal lines that separate the icons in the "list view" mode and the full battery outline.

    Especially when you first run Silverscreen and it asks you to set the contrast so that both boxes are about the same tone....mine doesn't even come close unless the contrast is set to the max.
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    I'm at work right now so I can't test it out right this second (no cradle here).

    I think there are TWO hacks both called 'NoStreakHack'. The one I tried was made by Neal Bridges, and has no options that I can remember seeing.

    The one by Till Harbaum has the user mentioned options and is located at:

    I'll try this out at home hope it does the trick. Btw. this guy has some good stuff on his page, I think I'm going to d/l the battery one and the pong one too.

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    Ummm, I think there was a typo. NoStreakHack is at:
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    I am also using NoStreakHack (from Til Harbaum) and it works fine. The only thing I am wondering about is that after a couple of weeks after received my replacement unit, the contrast of the display seems to gradually decrease. Thus, I had to turn up the contrast from about 1/2 (the setting that always worked fine with my previous unit) to about 2/3. Even replacing the batteries with new ones didn' t change it.

    Anybody having the same experience?
    Any solution apart from increasing the contrast?

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