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    I've been using Chatter for a week or so, and while "push" is great, it can be annoying... Yes, I know - blasphemy.

    There's two situations that I find it slightly maddening:
    - If I'm in a meeting, and I have the ringer off, I usually have nudge on (great feature, by the way) so it buzzes every 5 mins and can be quite distracting.
    - Since my IT guys are BB fanatics, I'm SOL and redirect my email to another server (fastmail) where I can get it. Same basic function, but I lose info on who the original was sent to. The downside is if I'm at my desk working away, every email shoots me an alert.

    It would be nice if there was a quick "meeting mode" where all alarms could be shut off. Ideally, I could envision if you scroll up to the mailbox selector that you could toggle right and select some little alam selector to toggle all alarms on/off.

    Alternatively, the best option I see now is shutting down Chatter, which isn't really all that inconvenient actually, just the delay when you turn it back on. Just thought I'd suggest it in case anyone else feels the same and it might make sense to add to the never ending list...

    Ps. SD functionality should be WAY above this suggestion...
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    Another suggestion that I would like (tho also waaaay down on the list) is a "Shutdown Chatter and disconnect network" setting. Re meeting you said, I find it easy enough to simply "menu-q".
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    Consider it added to the neverending list...

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    Here's an idea. If you can read the state of the "ringer/vibrate" switch on the 650, you could use that. If its in vibrate-only mode, turn off notifications or only vibrate or whatever.
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    dgolding - That's pretty much what it does. If you turn off the ringer switch, you get only vibrate and LED. I'm thinking the poster wants to get rid of vibrate also in "meeting mode"

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    Yes Marc, essentially an easy/fast way to shut off all alarms completely, without having to shut down Chatter or selectively choose/alter your basic alarm settings... I just think it'll make it less intrusive at those inopportune times.

    Case in point, I'm having a meeting (beating) with my CEO yesterday morning, the Treo in my breast pocket, and it's going off every 5mins cuz I didn't get a chance to change settings or leave it at my desk... Just a real world example of when it might have come in handy...

    Again, don't slow down other "major" priorities cuz of this - just an idea for ya.
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    No, something like this is simple to do. Give me til Monday...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    No, something like this is simple to do. Give me til Monday...

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