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    Hi All,

    I use my Treo 600 as an MP3 payer quite a lot and it works great over headphones.

    However, I want to feed the signal into an amplifier but as soon as I connect a lead from the Treo up to the inputs on the amplifier then the volume just cuts out.....

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    In some cases, the Treo hardware/software won't send the sound through
    the headset jack. I encountered this when connecting my Treo to the
    auxiliary input jack of my car stereo. The following explains the
    technical details:

    The only reasonable workaround that I've found is this $15 software
    (7-day free trial):

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    Hi Jae,

    Many thanks. You've been a real help. I'll check out the Freedom demo. Sounds like it'll do the trick.

    Thanks again!
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    i found a post 6 months ago which suggested buying an inline volume controller cable from radio shack. i bought one it it works fine. something about the impediance of the detected cable and somehow this cable fools the palm in to thinking it's headphones.

    i did this for feeding into my car stereo
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    yep. The $6.95 cable from radio shack works great
    Less than 400 posts to get my own little treo icon!
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    Or you can buy the Boostaroo, which is a portable amplifier - You can use this with your Treo and any other electronic device.
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    I got burned buying that rat shack headset converter. It's the straight one and not a 90 degree one that is sold here. At any rate, the very tip of the plug broke off inside the jack. Fortunately, the guys at the sprint store got it out. I bought a replacement until the one from here arrives, but now the shack jack has to be put in the perfect orientation otherwise I don't hear full stereo. This also means that I can't use it while I'm walking because any movement looses optimal connection. I just hope I didn't screw up the jack inside the treo.

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