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    Desktop (for Visor) software work for both? I have the Palm Desktop software for the Deluxe installed already...Do I need to install the one from Palm V? Thanks!
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    My guess would be that you can use the Handspring version for both...

    You probably will need to select both USB (for Visor) and Serial (for PalmV) in the hotsync settings (see system tray..)

    Or maybe you'll need to switch between USB and serial, but I don't think so...

    Also have two different Usernames otherwise, your sync may get confused...
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    Thanks Tool!

    The Visor Deluxe Palm Desktop works with Palm V but I am having problems hotsyncing even though I created a new user name. I still keep getting my wife's Visor datas. I might read something that I don't like from her journals...heheh...

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    I am also using both a Visor Dlx and Palm V and sync both of them to one desktop database. I use the same user name so I have the same info on both units. I change the sync method (USB vs serial) when I go to sync and have not problems. I like the memory of the visor but the size of the V. Also the screen seems to be softer on the visor as I have scratches on the visor screen but NONE on the V.

    Good luck.
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    I won a Palm V after I had already purchased my Visor. I must admit that the Palm V is a really nice Palm. I had originals plans to sell it, but simply couldn't.

    I got a little carried away when I first recieved it, had big plans and had already ordered a slim case & writerights. The 2mb soon brought me down to earth. Now I simply use it as an "extension" of my Visor, something thats slim and easier to carry but kept fairly bare bones with only essentials.

    Beaming between the two helps a lot, since I can easily add programs to the Visor and beam them over.
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    Thanks guys for the info! I will try it now...and let you know...
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    I sync my Visor Deluxe, my wife's PalmPilot Personal, and now my daughter's Palm IIIxe on the desktop (Handspring-enhanced) without problems. The two Palm units use the same serial cradle and my Visor uses the USB cradle. Both Local Serial and Local USB remain checked in the options list; whichever device is being sync'd is detected and uses the type of connection needed. Works like a charm.
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    I still can't sync my own datas..
    I still get both my wife's and mine at the same time even I change users' name and select the "Local Serial" connection for my Palm V.

    What am I doing wrong?

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