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    A product called Graffiti Anywhere from Escande Software will re-enable the graffiti entry for the Treo600 and 650. It works nicely, leaving a trail on the screen to show how you write. It's failry customisable, allowing a choice of colours for the on-screen line, can optionally restart on soft-reset, can be enabled in a number ways, has two settings for line weight and can be optioanlly disabled on a per-application basis.

    I've only just started using but so far, so good
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    Does using Graffiti Anywhere activates Graffiti 2? Will it still work if I install the Graffiti 1 libraries from the older Palms?

    Thanks for your help
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    yes, on Palm 5.x graffiti anywhere turns g2. Works great
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    yes it will work with the graffiti 1 libraries.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    yes it will work with the graffiti 1 libraries.
    I think that the concensus was that for the 600 it will work with graffiti 1 or 2, but that the 650 only worked with 2.

    I had tried reverting back to graffiti 1 on the 650 but it wasn't seeming to work, as pointed out in .
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    thanks...good to know

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