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    I am a 2nd yr DO Student about ready to start my rotations (June 12th baby!, assuming I pass those board thingies). I have 5MCC, Lexi Drugs, PT Keeper, Medical Spanish, ABG Pro, Med Math and a bunch of medical memos on my VDx. I must admit that this things comes in really handy. The only thing that I am still seeking is a good Medical Dictionary. They seem to be non-existent for the Visor. If ANYONE knows of where to get one please post here and let me know. Thanks a million and good luck in school everyone....see you at the next code!
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    epocrates has taken my PA program by storm, and what research I have done on it indicates it has the basics of drug interaction information...I'm curious to know how much more complete the Apothecarium package is regarding the interactions. The impression I've got is that it will go more in depth into the degrees of interactions. Is This Correct? Can you either confirm or Deny? Thanks...
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    I had no doubt that the visor would have it's place in the hospital environment. My question is this: I have had my visor about 6 mths, and I have a lot of good medical reference material on it already. I am a Paramedic, and I have been trying to find a good client to enter patient data into my palm while on emergency calls. This is mostly for my own info, as well as tracking of my personal stats. I have not been able to find anything very good. I use ePoctetes of course, and find it very helpful. I have been trying to develop my own database with thinkdDB or HanDbase, but I am not getting too far with that project. I guess I am looking for any suggestions you guys may have as far as what can be used to enter pt data in a rapid fashion in the field. I looked at patient keeper also, but is it all that fast? Maybe I could customize some of the fields I don't need. Please let me know of any info or suggestiions anyone has. Thank You, Frank
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    D.C. Roberts,

    Handspring Visor Deluxe is the appropriate tool for rotations as well as practice. Its' use with ePocrates is great for a quick reference and foundation of practice knowledge, and it's free.

    However, when you're in a specialty and the Big Doggie's barking about a particular drug for a particular patient, you may not find a bone for him in the ePocrates, and that's why I end up going to Lexidrug. Even then, my attending has stumped me with a request for information on a particular drug not in Lexi, so he just got PDR 2000, the ultimate.

    Here's where we get back to Handspring Visor Deluxe for PAs: it's got the guts to hold our references. If you load in the over 5MB PDR, you have to have the storage for all the other references. So there you have it. Low (ePocrates), medium (Lexi), and high (PDR) volume. 5MCC is a given(convenient and clinically-oriented), if not Harrison's(complete).Try ePocrates first. You'll eventually get Lexi or PDR, and I forsee asking Handspring for an even larger module as the refrence library grows. I intend to capture patient images with one of the coming cameras, and forsee a need for an even higher module need.

    Let me know what else Visor your class ends up using.

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    I, too, ran EMS and did ED for years. I believe PatientKeeper in Handspring Visor Deluxe is flexible and fast for anyone's needs in that one can evolve one's own H&P criteria, and have the room to collect a lot of patients, as well as print. I don't see it as something replacing run sheets. My local EMS just went tap electronic with a specific program just for them, on a non-Handspring platform. Soon you'll be issued something like that. In the meantime, try PatientKeeper. Handspring Visor Deluxe will allow you to enter stuff in your databse while the rig's jumping. You could use it for verbal presentation at triage. You'll still have to write the run sheet for now. I smell sensors on the horizon so someday we'll be able to gather vitals through the module port. Paper is the enemy, and we will soon get away from it. Very soon.

    Please let me know about your experiences with this.

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