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    I got this phone right before Christmas, no real big issues with it except for one. When I open an email in versamail, and select the option to add the email to my contacts my phone does a soft reset everytime I update an entry that already exists. If I create a new entry, it creates it fine, only on the update does the phone reboot.

    I noticed that my version of versamail was 2.5, but after I applied the sound-fix rom from SM the version now shows to be 3.0. Can anyone duplicate the problem? Simply create a contact called "John Doe", then take perhaps one of the sample palmone emails that everyone gets the first time they run versamail. Try and update that email to your contact, and give it the name John Doe, see if the phone resets. I'm very curious to know if this is a defect just on the specific phone I have or if this is a known problem with versamail.
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    Versamail has a lot of issues once there is significant data in it. Try emptying the trash and deleting old emails and see if that helps. It fixed my weird reboot issue. If you search for "versamail reboots" in this forum there is a post with a list of files you can delete to restore Versamail. I believe this is somewhat related to the memory issues on the 650 as well as possible bugs in this app...


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