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    Im intrested in finidn out if there is a way to use the 650 as an actual modem, where u dictate the number to be dialed. It works fine as a data connection(#777) but is there a way to specify the number and ,through iether bluetooth or usb connection, dial up say a remote host. My specific intrest is in using it in conjunction with pcAnywhere to dial a remote computer. I knwo theres a way to set up a conections in the prefs, for instance using bluetooth to connect as a modem(where u have to enter the init string) but all that is a little beyond me. Is there maybe a way to set up a com port on the laptop that would use blue tooth to enable the phoen to dial, and if so how would the phoen know what to dial? so uh.. thats my brain teaser for the day, any help would be greatly appriciated.
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    I think you can do this with the pdanet advanced settings. It's a free trial if you dont have it.
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    FYI, Sprint charges 39 cents per minute when you use your phone as a modem connecting to a non-Vision dial-up service. It does NOT simply count against your regular voice call minutes.

    Someone had posted this previously and I wanted to see for myself, so I tried it. As you can see on the attached clipping from my invoice, Sprint sure did charge me 39 cents per minute for the connection, billing the minutes as PCS Wireless Web Calls (in a separate section from the voice calls). 15 minutes of airtime costs almost 6 bucks, so be careful.
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    If you dotn mind telling me, what did you dial up and what did you use to do so? I use PcAnywhere to remote dial myself, and as is, using the Vision conection to remote in home to Dial out to a unit is um.. a little lagged to say the least. Im hoping i can set up PcAnywhere to trigger the phone as the modem.
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    My cable broadband service has a backup dialup number that can used if the cable connection goes out or for travellers staying somewhere without broadband service. That is the number I dialed.

    I use a Mac, so I just used the Network manager to set up a dialup connection with that phone number and the ID and password issued by my ISP for that use. When you do Bluetooth pairing with a mobile phone, it allows you to specify if you are going to use it for a high speed data connection (like Sprint's 1xRTT, which is what I use now of course) or a standard dialup connection.

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