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    I would like to find an organizer (like launch em) that has the look of the mac
    desktop. Is there one, and if not, I hope someone will create one.
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    I'm not sure if you would want a launcher app that looks like the mac desktop...after all, the Palm screen is an entirely different beast.

    That said, I've been using Launcher III and I like it. It's not exactly a desktop interface. It has tabs across the top of the screen that act as seperate "desktops" where you can put all of your apps. You can then drag and drop your apps from one tab to the other or even throw them into the trash.

    And it's free!

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    How about Home? It is a $15 shareware. This page is in Japanese but the program comes with an English readme/instruction file.

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    Try that:

    (Home ; web page in English)

    Hope it helps.

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