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    are there any good Free sites for Midi ringtones?

    does the 650 play monophonic or polyphonic tones?

    the only sites i've found offer "free" but then charge you for the subscription, and sprint is 1.50 every 90 days

    Thanks in advance!!

    I just got my new 650 and lost my ringer from my 600!
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    I believe the treo 650 can play either mono or poly midi. Beware of sites peddling ringtones, I tried to get one awhile ago on a nokia phone and ended up getting a payload of sms spam. You can find the midi's easily enough, focus your search on midi and don't include terms like polymorphic or ringtones. Otherwise you'll just get the hordes of scammer hits.

    I have a collection of several or more thousand ring tones I grabbed from BT. While I wasn't able to sync these direct to the phone, I was able to email a few of them to myself, read the email on the treo, and select the attachments which were then imported into the ringtone midi database. This has worked quite well for me, I feel bad for people who have cell phones that may not be quite as versatile.
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    Try Good site, lots of ring tones, and its actually free.
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    Acutally its not free.

    A $7.00 registration fee must be paid before you can download in ringtones
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    Well I have downloaded a few from 3gforfree without paying anything. Otherwise it would not be
    Grace & Peace,

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    cruise via the browser on the device to - tons of ringtones there, categorized by theme (rock, pop, jazz, whatever) and then by artist.
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    Not free but lots of stuff for $1. I was looking for USC fight song stuff (Trojans not Gamecocks) and this was the only place that would do MIDI.


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