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    Hello Everyone!
    I am new to this board and I just got my treo this evening. I had to pick it up at the FedEx Station today in Sacramento. The FedEx driver refused to leave it at my house so I had to pick it up which I didn't mind. I have had this phone for two hours and I love it! I have not had any major problems like the other users here on the discussion board. (mainly because this is my first Treo and that I didn't have to import applications, software, contacts, and other info to this new one) My overall impression of this phone is great. All of the keyboard functions work (hehe) the "P" key doesn't stick "yet." This is a great message board and I look forward to coming here for advice and help. Peace out! Hodap
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    It's the CDMA version right?
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    Also in Sacramento here! lovin the 650 much better than the 600
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    Welcome to TC! You'll probably end up like me -- spending much too much time reading the posts. You'll probably have a few problems as you install and experiment with more options for the T650, but the great thing is you can always come here and find the answer to your questions.

    Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dcox20
    Also in Sacramento here! lovin the 650 much better than the 600
    Hey, I live in Modesto how good is Sprint signal in Sacramento? Is your Web browsing slow?


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    I'm in Sacramento as well. Sprint's signal? Okay for the most part. I dropped a couple of calls on the T650 in the mall, but dropped more calls with Verizon. Now I'm gonna try my luck with Cingular.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jazzi
    Welcome to TC! You'll probably end up like me -- spending much too much time reading the posts.
    LOL. One good thing about TC is that you're too busy reading to actually go out and test your T650 as well as you should. As such, many of the problems experienced by others will escape you. But you save on your phone bill
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    sprint is fine in sacto for me... i just get the mysterious voicemail sometimes, .... you know what i mean, I'm sitting looking at my treo, gazing lovingly into it's eyes and then all of a sudden !Voicemail! but... how.. I was sitting right here... you didnt ring! ahh well.. i still love you Treo.

    can't stress enough how much i love win-hand
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    That's coz your phone missed the incoming call. If you were online in an active data link, I can understand (although I don't accept that limitation). If you were not online then there's a problem; phone or system.

    I loved my T650, and although I took it back because I wasn't happy with PalmOne and Sprint themselves I still plan to purchase the GSM T650 when (not if ) it's out.
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    Sprint service in Sacramento is okay so far. I just transferred my telephone number from Verizon to Sprint. I have used the web browsing and it's pretty fast where I am. I am very impressed with the speed on the internet service here.
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    My phone should be at my door on Tuesday and I'll probably do some traveling around on the weekend. I've never had problems with Verizon before and I espect to get some decent coverage. I'll post more here once I get my Treo. I'll probably drive up the 99 freeway to Sacramento.

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    Try these links on your treo650's blazer browser...



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