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    When I use my stylus to manually scroll up in AG (holding the stylus on the scroll bar and manually moving it up), my VDX crashes each and every time. I get the following Fatal Error message:

    ScrDriverNew.c., Line:500,

    This happens only in AG, and in no other program. Am I the only one? What can I do? I just downloaded AG today, and it's a pain and a half. I'm not about to change my scrolling habits just to use a program.
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    I've had no problems, but then I don't use the stylus for scrolling (I use the buttons for that). I do use the stylus for selecting links, and that has never caused a problem.
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    You're not alone. This has surfaced just recently in Visor Central.

    Here is one thread:
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    Thanks; didn't think to look in other topic boards. It's nice to know that I'm not alone. It hurts to know that I'm not alone, and that AvantGo hasn't yet addressed the problem. (Or at least, nothing's been posted on it yet.)
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    I also have been having this problem with AvantGo. I emailed them and asked for a fix. They responded to my email promptly and their solution has worked for me! Below is the text from their email.

    Adam B.

    "To resolve your issue please do the following two things.

    1)Log into your account via our website. Click on blue tab account-> Click on account settings. Click on Clear Cache.
    2)On your Palm device Go to Mobile Link. Hit the Menu button below the Application button. Choose Reset the connection.

    Sync your device. Contact us if you experience any problems. Thanks.

    AvantGo Support
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    I did the fix and it has worked beautifully since (I had the same problems)

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