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    I love using headsets with my phones. Hands-free is so much more convenient...and safer too.

    For my Treo 600, I use the standard universal headset that came with the phone. I bought another $5 generic universal headset (with answer/hangup button) just to leave in the car.

    I've been seeing more people using headsets with the boom microphones and other fancy looking setups. Those headsets can cost almost twice as much as the the "standard" headsets. PalmOne has a universal "improved-performance" headset......Does it truly perform better?

    I'd like to know if there is a difference in the experience of using the boom microphone headsets and "enhanced" standard headsets and if it's worth the extra cost.

    1. Does the headset stay on the ear better?
    2. Can you hear the caller better?
    3. Most importantly, can the caller hear better?

    Thanks for any feedback.
    Million Dollar Bills, anyone?

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    I'm answering my own question here.

    I just bought a Belkin boom microphone headset from Walmart today, and I've been told that it does sound better to the caller. I don't like how the piece fits in my ear, but it's not bad. This headset also has its own volume control and an on/off switch.

    Not bad for $14.
    Million Dollar Bills, anyone?

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