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    i thought i did it once - now i can't do it - can't find the command


    also - my 128M mem chip came in - how can i tell the 650 to save all pix to the card?

    <gotta cut down on my memory - can't hotsync!!!>
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    I replyed to a similar question a few days ago.

    View photos in the array mode (3 rows x 4 per row)

    Make sure no individual photo is selected.

    Select menu and then delete. The screen should have a select all button.

    Tap and finish process. Same works for copy to another media
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    yep - that worked

    trouble is - getting to the state of "no picture selected"

    i think i clicked around the screen - changed albums (left ALL, returned) to get the "attention" off any single one

    then, yep - when you select MENU-DELETE, you're given the choice to select all.


    thanks for the help
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    Just click up or down arrow to have none selected. You should see a blue line at top & bottom.

    By the way, when you select all, "X's" should appear on each thumbnail. Tap individual thumbs to deselect or reselect.

    Again, same process works for copying to SD card.
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    so - is there no way to send the pix to the card by default?
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    Yes, in camera mode, tap the right top icon for SD recording. The second from right icon records to internal memory.

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