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    OK, Am I missing it or what? I have been a Visor user for about three weeks and can't seem to coordinate my categories into the Visor. I'm using Outlook 97 and have probably too many categories but shouldn't some download when I sync? What am I doing wrong?
    Also is there a site for newbies on working with Outlook in the Visor? I'd also like to find more info on Hackmaster and working with 2nd party software before I install to the Visor. Any suggestions on tutorials?

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    The process I used for integrating w/Outlook 97 was to print out the PocketMirror documentation that is on the CD that comes w/the Visor and take the time to read it. A bit tedious, however, it was worth it to me because I then had a good understanding of how PocketMirror works w/Outlook.

    Then, go ahead and install PocketMirror and synchronize.

    Hope this helps-

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