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    My POP/IMAP server sits behind a SecurID authentication system which is necessary to auth. against to access email and get VPN access.

    Does anyone know of a product that can be used on my Treo 600 to authenticate against this system so I can gain access to emails? Movian will not work at this point.

    ...or any other suggestions?

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    I'd be interested if there is a solution for this...
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    You need an IPSec capale VPN client. As of now there is only 1 and it's not even for sale. It's Movian VPN. As mentioned in another thread recently, someone got a hold of a version that's supposed to work with Treo. They have gotten it to Treo 650 but so far no one has yet confirmed if they got Movian VPN working on Treo 600. I myself just got it 2 day ago and haven't had a chance to try to get it to work. I think I might even need a little help from IT.

    Here't the thread regarding Movian:

    In any case I'll send you a Private Message as to where you can get Movian VPN client.

    Now, there's one other called Mergic VPN that is for sale. Mergic VPN is for PPTP type VPN and will NOT work with your VPN system, so Movian is your ONLY choice.

    I myself was floored when I got my Treo 600 and found out that not only did it not come with a working VPN client, but there were none available. I would think this is a basic necessity that Palm should have as solution for.
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    Did you ever get this working?

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