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    I'm in the process of upgrading from my 600 to a 650. I'm installing apps one at a time to make certain I do not run into any compatability issues. When I got to about 6MB of space left on the 650, I decided it was time to start moving apps over to my SD card. This is where my problem begins. For some reason I'm unable to move installed apps from my 650 to my SD card (Sandisk Ultra 512mb).

    I use ZLauncher (ver 4.20.2)...but Zlauncher is not displaying the amount of space available on the card....just displays "--" instead. If I use ZLauncher's File Manager, it reads the card fine. In fact I can install apps directly to the SD card, but they do not show up on my "All" apps screen. I can only see them if I select the card.

    I never had this problem with my 600. If I select an app and hold down the icon, ZLauncher will display its usual menu, minus the options to move or copy to card.

    I'm sure I'm just missing something very simple, but I'm at a loss. Can anyone offer any suggestions? Thanks.
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    You are entitled to the upgrade to zlauncher 4.3 for free. So back up your 650 (I recommend backupman beta 152b5, and install the upgraded version. I used that on my treo and had very few problems.

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