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    I'll give it a go. Watch this space.....
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    Right, here goes. I think this is the appropriate file for GSM:
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    HP Pre 3 (UK)
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    Can't get it to generate a prc file either, I see the dos window flash, but nothing...
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    Don't know if someone mentioned this, but you need to do a soft reset after loading a new splash screen over an old one for the new one to work.

    Dumb question: how do you change the resolution of a file to 320x320? I took pictures using my Treo 650's camera, guess they're bigger than 320x320, as the splash screens I created show just a small part of the photo.

    *Edit: Of course, I missed reading this part:

    14. Do a soft reset on your phone
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    you need to edit your pictures in photo editing software. You can use Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro (like me) or using a free open-source editor like GIMP.
    HP Pre 3 (UK)
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    Great one step solution!

    Also, is there any way to include call duration and etc into the splash screens by default? I've been using one of shadowmite's Sprint splash screens b/c it enables call duration and I would love to be able to integrate that into a custom splash screen... thanks..
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    Quote Originally Posted by dport
    anyone need a custom design let me know..
    hey dport.....check ur messages..........
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    i must try this real soon.

    i'm amazed at all of your genius, you guys.
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    Thanks to everyone for all their work and info. I have a Cingular, unlocked currently on T-mobile. Thus far I have been unsuccessful in changing the screen.
    Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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    When using that program (create splashscreen zip file):
    "1. Replace splash_off.jpg with the file you want to be the "Phone Off" splash screen.
    2. Replace splash_on.jpg with the file you want to be the "Phone On" splash screen.
    3. Run the create_splash_screen bat file. A black window will flash on the screen for a sec and a couple of seconds later (depending on the speed of your machine) you will see a new file called "Phone_SPCS_Custom.prc" in the directory. It may just be called Phone_SPCS_Custom if you have "Hide extentions of known file types" enabled (it's enabled by default on XP).
    4. Install the newly created Phone_SPCS_Custom.prc on your Treo 650."

    You may need a program called FileZ to do #4 above.
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    Thank you so much, worked like a dream as I did have FileZ already.
    So now my only question is the presence of the cross-hairs (mentioned in a post above) with an angry red line thru them. What is that? Do I need to fear the cross hair?
    Again, many thanks to all you brilliant folks and especially MrC1.
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    The crosshair is the icon for "location services not available". You'll see this if you install a CDMA phone splash .prc on a GSM phone. You can ignore it.
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    Big sigh of relief.
    Thanks, Holmes4
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    Is it possible or safe to put the prc into ROM?


    Version: 1.1
    PC(G) f h b p+ o+ m+
    F- v+ g k r+ c++ n+ t+
    a+ G+ E M DP{Treo650}
    ------END PALM CODE BLOCK------
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    I am a contractor for NASA. Here are mine (takeoff = phone on):
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    Couple other NASA ones (I work at NASA / MSFC).
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    this capable of being done on an Alltel treo?
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    any screen shots? im not exactly sure what a splash screen is.. .dont wanna download and i dont like want it
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    The splash screen is the picture that will flash momentarily when turning the phone on or off. Usually it's your carrier's symbol.

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    So I imagine you can't rename this thing to the VZW versus the SPCS I mean that's the difference no?

    You really cannot ignore anything a splash screen change does. On my phone it made the upper portion where I have the 1x displayed about a character too long and then the light blue area would drop down a bit and the display areas would be offset from each other and from where they were before the splash. this caused my phone app to crash when it would come back to it from certain other apps... I think at that time shadowmite had pointed out the verizon treo splash issues

    ICDMA solution is simple? yet?

    I could live without one altogether - maybe BSOD or DOS LOAD and new sound for it.
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