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    Thinking about "connection lost" errors during Hotsyncing...I was just looking at my Hotsync cable and noticed that the pin arrangement looks a bit irregular. There are 13 total "slots" and only 5 of them have pins protruding. Looking at it from the side with the button: the 6th and then 10th-13th "slots" have gold tabs protruding, with the 10th tab protruding a bit more than the others.

    Do others' Hotsync cables look like this? I know this is a wild shot but could this have anything to do with the dicey Hotsync connection?
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    Yeah. There was another thread here where people were comparing cables. They are all the same. (As in all cables have the 1 taller pin in the same location) I suspect that the taller pin is the cable shield (Ground) is is designed to contact first to take any static to ground before data pins make contact. Just a guess tho.

    As for lost connection, unrecognised USB device and complete failure to connect - I do believe that this point of connection is the issue. I can't believe that some engineer decided that this was the best connector solution for all future Palms. I get a good connection 3 out of 10 attempts. I need to clean the contacts on both the PDA and the cable with alcohol on a Qtip almost daily just to get it working. If only BT weren't soooooooo damn slow.



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