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    I wish there was a way to log calls to a contact (in the note field). For instance, when I call Dr. Jones, I wish there was a way for the address book/phone app to insert an entry that I placed a call to Dr. Jones at 2:34 pm on 1/19/04...(in the memo field).

    This would make it easy to reference the call history on a contact level (easier than wading thru the call log).

    Does an app exist that will accomplish this? I presently use the linking in Datebk5, where I log a note to the memo field that I called on X date at X time, but its a manual procedure. I would like the phone app to log a note to the address book automatically when a call is placed...

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    It sounds like this may be your answer, I haven't tried it, and it says only tested w/ the 600 on, but maybe it works:

    UPDATE: I just checked out the website and it says it does work w/ the 650, I was going to download the trial - but at $24.95 I'll pass. It says the trial does continue to work w/ limited features but not clear which ones.
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