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    Just received my Treo 300, what should I do first in order to set up service?

    Unit is Sprint phone, I do not see a sim card, do these unit's not utilize them?

    Can I order up data only plan from sprint?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Sprint does not use sim cards. Just call Sprint to activate the phone. They will walk you through getting things working. You will have to have a voice plan with the data plan.
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    Will I have to have a voice plan to get the SMS plan?
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    I am not sure about SMS plans. I don't use it myself. You might want to post that question in the Communications section. I do know that you will have to have a voice plan to get anything else. The data only plan is only available with the laptop connections cards.
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    Will Sprint be the ones that UNLOCK the phone? I found that it is locked.
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    Yes. When you call to activate the phone they will give you the MSL number so you can program the phone with the new phone number.
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    Thanks so much for all of your help!

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